About the writer.

Miriam Hastings is a novelist and short story writer.  She has published fiction, poetry, literary reviews and articles, and essays on mental health.
Whether she is writing from the point of view of a patient in a mental hospital, a child in foster care, or a minister's daughter living on the north coast of Scotland in the early 19th century, Miriam is always concerned with portraying the experience of the outsider in society; giving a voice to the powerless and the oppressed.
As a child and an adolescent, she suffered from repeated bouts of ill-health which meant she had to leave school when she was only fourteen.
As a mature student, she achieved a BA from Middlesex Polytechnic, then an MA and PhD from the University of London where she taught for fifteen years. 
She has also worked in mental health, in a variety of fields.  For several years she ran therapeutic creative writing groups for survivors of childhood trauma and mental distress.
She lives with a degenerative spine disease and now she can only write using voice recognition software, or a dictaphone - this makes life as an author quite a challenge at times!
She lives in East London, an area that she loves, she works from home as a writer and tutor and leads workshops in creative writing for personal development.